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Design Service

A design survey can give you and accurate idea of what is achievable in your unique kitchen space with minimum alterations. Try our free design survey from a professional kitchen expert to help you find the right mix of styles, materials and colours to suit your requirements.

If you'd like to see how our designers could transform your home, get in touch today.
A designer will typically:

» Visit your home and take measurements.
» Discuss your budget and requirements.
» Create a draft design to get some ideas on paper.
» Discuss your schedule.
» Order selected products and materials.

It doesn't take long. Book your kitchen survey visit with our design consultants today. We promise to have your kitchen surveyed and planned within one hour.

Deposit & Delivery

We do not expect payment upfront for your kitchen, we just require a small deposit of just £100 to secure your order. Once your order is secured by this payment a member of our delivery team will get in touch to arrange a suitable time for delivery. When your kitchen has been deliver and you are satisfied with it, is when the remaining balance will be paid.

How it works

Before your kitchen is delivered someone from our customer relations team will call you to confirm the delivery is on route and answer any queries you may have. Our experienced delivery team will safely unload your kitchen into your chosen on ground level room. You are then given the chance to inspect the entire kitchen that has just been delivered.